Unified Communications

“Enabling your people to communicate fully - no matter where they are and what device they have available.”

Mark Summers

Head of Technology Sales


Enhancing your communications with unified communication solutions

Unified communication solutions help make your channels of communication as efficient and effective as possible. And by enabling your people to communicate fully - no matter where they may be and what device they have available – your business is taken to the next level.

Unified communications solutions help you to:

  • Access information as, when and how you need it. All data is highly accessible, so users can access the information they require from multiple devices – be that a mobile phone, PC, laptop, web browser, PDA or even a conventional telephone.
  • Gain technological insights. The best unified communications solutions go one step further, using intelligent technology to determine where a recipient is and the best way to contact them at a given point in time.
  • Break down communication barriers. Providing your employees, suppliers and clients with flexible access to you and each other, unified communications solutions break down the traditional barriers to communication, accelerating the productivity of your workforce – keeping your business one step ahead of the competition.
  • Simplify your IT processes and maximise your investment. With easy integration with your existing telecoms systems, unified communications solutions can be developed around your existing infrastructure, causing minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations. And untangling the complexity of your systems to maximise your investment.  
  • Attract and retain customers. Unified communications solutions help your customers reach the right person at the right time, using their preferred method of choice. By surpassing their expectations in the delivery of exceptional customer service, unified communications solutions help build customer loyalty and take advantage of sales opportunities.
  • Retain the best employees. Giving your people the tools they require to do their jobs properly, without unnecessary frustration, unified communications solutions help ensure maximum efficiency and job satisfaction.

Is this suitable for your business?

Unified communications solutions are suitable for all business types but particularly:

  • Those with a highly mobile, geographically dispersed workforce and/or operations.
  • Businesses which require a high level of customer service and interaction.
  • Those with a demand for instant access to information, regardless of location or available devices.
  • Organisations that want to lower their carbon footprint and improve Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) procedures through virtual collaboration and communication methods.
  • Those that want to reduce operational and travel costs whilst improving productivity, collaboration and communication.

JMC has an extensive portfolio of unified communications technologies that can be integrated into the majority of IT networks and telephony systems. 


For many years large enterprises and public sector organisations have taken advantage of the productivity gains and lower costs of ownership that modern IT based telephony systems (typically known as IP telephony or VOIP) can deliver. However, such systems have traditionally come at a substantially higher capital costs than legacy, old-style PBX phone systems. Today, with the cost of many new technologies gradually decreasing, and IT-based telephony being no exception, these systems are now within reach of organisations of all sizes. Sharing data infrastructure that already exists, such systems are competitively priced and offer all the functionality you would expect of a contemporary phone system including:

  • Auto attendant
  • Voicemail
  • Hunt groups, plus much more

All at a price that makes a compelling proposition for systems of eight or more users.

JMC partners with Cisco, the world's largest supplier of IP-based telephony, implementing and supporting their capable and functional high specification systems.

The benefits of IT-based telephony systems include:

  • Flexibility of office location
  • The ability to work from home
  • Free calls between remote offices and remote workers
  • Integration with other applications running on your network

Those organisations using Microsoft Exchange as the core of their messaging system, can easily integrate it with a telephony system as part of a broader Unified Communications strategy, further reducing your costs. What's more, Exchange can be used as your voicemail system, presenting your voicemail within Microsoft Outlook in an easily managed way.This includes all the Outlook options you are already familiar with. Furthermore, messages are easily played back via your PC, desk phone, mobile or any other phone.

Options available through integration with Exchange include:

  • Auto attendant
  • Company directory selected by voice
  • Email reading
  • Voice-activated diary management

In fact, at JMC we have the ability to integrate almost any legacy PBX with Exchange, so you may not need to buy a new telephony system at all – the ultimate low cost solution. 

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