“Our Demand IT platform includes all the elements needed to create a secure, resilient and efficient system.”

Nick Isherwood

Director of Infrastructure Services


Using technology to support your business needs with our Demand IT Platform

JMC's Demand IT Platform

JMC's Demand IT Platform consists of key elements that enable your business to operate efficiently and flexibly with maximum security and resilience.

It works by offering a complete suite of technology solutions that our expert team incorporate into an integrated package that's exactly right for you.

Each element of our Demand IT Platform is scalable so that you only receive the elements that solve your precise business needs. As these requirements change over time, your Demand IT Platform can adapt accordingly.

A dedicated SupportCare team can constantly monitor system health and respond to any issues, fixing potential problems before they arise.

Demand IT Platform in action

Each component works seamlessly to facilitate:

The benefits of our Demand IT Platform

Whether you want to incorporate cloud computing to facilitate flexible working, or you're attracted by the thought of reducing capital expenditure and eradicating your IT refresh cycle, our Demand IT Platform offers proven benefits and results:



Demand IT Platform can quickly adapt to meet your needs as your expand or as your customer demands fluctuate


New technology

Demand IT Platform offers state-of-the-art solutions that are a cost-effective alternative to investing in one piece of fixed technology with a specified shelf-life



Solutions can be quickly deployed as and when you need them


Expert management

JMC’s SupportCare team can constantly monitor your solution and assess its performance


Reduced capital expenditure

IT becomes more like a utility and operating expense; you pay for what you need, when you need it



A cloud or hybrid solution makes your IT system accessible from any location, at any time, enabling flexible and mobile working



A resilient, secure and efficient disaster recovery and business continuity strategy can be enforced

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