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“We offer all the support options you will ever need.”

Nick Isherwood

Director of Infrastructure Services


Whatever you're looking for, we have the IT support solution for you.

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Whether you're looking for a managed services partner to plug the gaps and support your existing IT team, or you prefer to outsource your entire system monitoring and management, with our SupportCare Managed Services we have the IT support solution for you.

JMC's managed and highly responsive technical support service, SupportCare, delivers the full range of world-class, tailored support that you can depend on. We've invested in the best technologies available to ensure your IT system and business critical applications run at optimal levels of performance, without fail, every day.

Now more than ever businesses depend on their IT system and associated technology in order to operate. We recognise that few people want to spend their time on the phone to IT service desks reporting entirely avoidable issues and the reality is that we can make this more traditional approach a thing of the past.

What IT Support we offer

We make it simple to access the right level of support for your business. From advanced remote system monitoring to a comprehensive IT service desk function, we have all the IT support options your business will ever need. Powered by ScienceLogic, our network monitoring and management technology allows us to continually analyse your system's capacity, availability and performance in real-time and was voted "best network monitoring system on earth" by

Find out more about our unique support setup that means we can often identify and resolve your IT system issues before you even knew they existed.

JMC IT Support

Our IT Support service offers:

  • Round-the-clock, 24/7, hardware and software break-fix IT support.
  • Personalised, proactive support for business critical equipment and applications.
  • Unlimited remote IT support and return-to-service maintenance.
  • Fastest response times in the market.
  • High levels of resilience to ensure the service is always available.
  • Full access to your live, in-depth network performance dashboard and incident progress  via a personalised portal.
  • UK support centre with dedicated experts.
  • Expert consultation from friendly, highly-accredited staff.
  • An experienced and knowledgeable team – our average length of service is 11 years.

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SupportCare Active System Monitoring - Introduction & Demonstration

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A resilient partner

Our award winning systems are so resilient – we will never let you down. Use our Support Checklist to compare us with your current IT support provider – we've got your due diligence covered. All of our systems can tolerate significant failures without impacting on service continuity.

Live replication technology provides near-instant backup from our primary to secondary systems via a private cloud. All core systems have diesel generator power backup ensuring they remain accessible anytime, anywhere, on almost any device, so that our technical experts are never out of touch. Furthermore, we operate multiple communication links designed to ensure that we can always progress your issues when you need us the most.

JMC SupportCare

Why JMC?

JMC are a leading IT support and solutions company based in Manchester, supporting hundreds of customers across the UK.

We're so confident that we will offer a great service that we offer a Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied after the first year, we’ll give you your money back - it's that simple.

We were named Best Managed Service Desk finalist in the globally-recognised Service Desk Institute awards 2013.

Over 98% of our clients’ support issues are addressed without the need of a site visit and we're proud of our unparalleled ten-minute response time to critical issues.

If you need more convincing, see what our clients think of our IT support service:

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