Social Housing

“We have vast knowledge of the sector and are a trusted partner for many housing organisations.”

Mark Summers

Head of Technology Sales


With a proven track record within social housing that began in 2000, JMC understands its unique demands like no other IT partner. We work with some of the North's best-known providers, including Your Housing, Community Gateway Association, Mosscare Housing and Arcon Housing, so we know the industry inside out and understand how the right technology support and solution can assist with wider challenges facing housing associations.

The housing sector is moving towards a more corporate existence and providers must be able to see value in every investment. IT expenditure is no different, but with extensive experience working with organisations large and small, we know exactly where this return can be delivered. Our strong knowledge of the sector means we are constantly on the front foot, anticipating how your IT requirements will change over time and what this means for your business, employees, clients and communities.

Here’s how we worked with a couple of housing providers to modernise their IT solutions: 


Your Housing and JMC IT: Supporting a new way of working

Your Housing employ over 1,300 people across the North of England across multiple offices. They wanted to improve flexibility and communication across their organisation and turned to Microsoft Lync for instant messaging, video conferencing so that teams could still feel connected wherever they were.

Read our Your Housing case study.


Arcon Housing and JMC IT: Opening the door to success

With over 1,200 properties across the North West, Arcon Housing relies heavily on having an IT system that not only performs at its best, but delivers the best possible value to the business. Confident in JMC’s expertise within the sector and its reputation as one of the region’s most trusted IT partners, Arcon enlisted JMC to deliver a solution that would ensure optimum business continuity and allow the organisation to operate more efficiently.

JMC’s Demand IT Platform included the introduction of virtual desktop infrastructure and virtual network infrastructure, with immediate business continuity benefits. However, it soon became apparent that elements of Arcon’s new Demand IT Platform solution could also enable the organisation to work much more flexibly and efficiently. The technology became an enabler for change within the organisation as a whole, benefitting staff, shareholder and tenants alike.

Arcon Housing and JMC IT: Opening the door to success

Scalable components with proven results:

  • Centralised Virtual Network Infrastructure: VMWare frees up servers and equipment to make them run faster so they need replacing less often, as well as facilitating flexible working
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: VDI means staff can access their desktops even when out of the office, enabling mobile working
  • Security: JMC’s solution allows for maximum security and confidentiality, preventing data leaks, monitoring user behaviour and protecting against outside threats
  • Support: JMC’s comprehensive SupportCare service monitors every element of the system in real-time, with technicians able to remotely address any issues that arise

Read our Arcon Housing case study.



JMC has been an absolute pleasure to work with and I’m sure our partnership will continue to run and run. We really feel like we’re with a safe pair of hands and a team who know exactly what we need; often before we do! I cannot wait to see what solutions come up in the future that will allow us to evolve even further, keeping us in line with our ultimate aim, which is to deliver the best possible service to our tenants.

Anne Southern
Finance Director, Arcon Housing.


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