Pegasus Opera 3

“We've been a highly accredited Pegasus partner for over 30 years.”

Mike Bentley

Business Development Director


One System, One Solution

Pegasus Opera 3 is a complete business solution. It can be fully integrated throughout your organisation, eliminating the need to run separate finance, distribution, payroll and CRM systems.

Scalable and flexible enough to satisfy the needs of most small to medium sized businesses, as and when these requirements develop; you simply add the additional components you need. It’s that easy.

From sophisticated analysis and reporting, payroll and HR, supply chain management and sales pipeline management, to instant alerts to keep you and your staff informed, these additional components offer cost-effective options which provide you with a real competitive advantage.


We value JMC's ongoing strategic and day-to-day IT support. We’re regularly in touch with the team and always consult them on any developments with potential IT implications. The same account manager has been  our main point of contact throughout and we feel privileged to be working with an IT partner who is so immersed in our business.

Dan Turner
Director, William Turner & Son Limited.


Opera 3 helps you to:

  • Analyse your cash flow. With detailed cash flow analysis, Opera 3 will instantly become an invaluable tool to monitor your profit generation.
  • Control your supply chain.  Opera 3 offers full control of your supply chain at your fingertips.
  • Remain compliant.  Complex payroll functions are made quick and easy and HMRC accreditation ensures you remain compliant.
  • Manage prospects. Opera 3 CRM helps you to work smarter, manage prospects and opportunities better and ultimately convert them into sales.
  • Retrieve documents. Store all your business documents in one central location, save time and never lose paperwork again. 

Is Opera 3 suitable for your business?

Opera 3 is suitable for most business types but particularly:

  • Small to medium sized organisations which require ‘own pace’ solutions.
  • Those with a requirement for a strong accounting, payroll and HR solution, without excessive costs.
  • Businesses and organisations which require flexible development to support very specific, often unique, business processes.
  • Those with a requirement for flexible reporting and analysis functions that can grow with the business. 

JMC has been a Pegasus partner since 1985 and is one of a handful of partners to achieve Pegasus Strategic Partner status.

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