Online Backup

“Remove all the headaches associated with tape backup systems.”

Nick Isherwood

Director of Infrastructure Services


Traditional tape backup systems are difficult to manage, slow to operate, prone to failure and require manual intervention. Tapes need to be taken off-site to ensure complete safety in the event of a disaster and can deteriorate over time; problems often only discovered when you need to restore your data.

In response to this challenge JMC has introduced its Online Backup solution, which addresses these issues head on making sure you have a backup system you can rely on. Our solution ensures the data you need is streamed securely over an Internet connection on a daily basis to JMC servers, held in secure and resilient UK data centres.

The key benefits of our Online Backup solution

  • Reduced management time. Once initiated the service will continue to back-up the required data at the appropriate frequency, automatically, without user intervention, freeing up valuable time.
  • Reduced recovery time. Files and folders can be recovered quickly and easily (subject to Internet access bandwidth limitations).
  • Possible shorter backup windows. As only the changes made since the last backup are transferred to the main data store, it is possible that your backup window may be smaller, allowing more time for system use (this is dependent upon the bandwidth you have for data upload to the Internet).
  • Improved data recovery rates. Recovering data from tapes can sometimes be a challenge. With Online Backup your data is stored on two geographically-separate hard disk systems. Data stored on disk is normally far more recoverable than data stored on tape.
  • Improved data security. With data held securely off-site, there is no risk of forgetting to take conventional backup tapes physically off-site every evening. We also replicate our Online Backup storage to a secondary secure location for your complete peace of mind.
  • No manual intervention required. As data is automatically taken off-site for you, you no longer need to check, swap or take tapes off-siteIf for some reason the backup had failed and no-one had noticed, the tape becomes useless. Our service automatically backups your data to a secure server in our data centre, across the Internet; without the need for human intervention. Using this method an off-site copy of the system is automatically provided each day.
  • Fully monitored and managed. We proactively monitor your backups to ensure they successfully complete and resolve any issues that occur.
  • Compatible with servers, PCs and laptopsFlexible data retention options. Retention policies can be created to give you comprehensive recovery points going back as far as you require and as often as you need.
  • Easy-to-use. With a simple-to-use console you can quickly find items you wish to recover, view potential recovery points and recover items to their original location (or copy them to a new location). This process is far easier and takes far less time than it would to recover information from tape.


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