05Jan, 2012

Pegasus Opera 3 version 1.3 is now released

This latest release of Opera 3 significantly strengthens the product proposition with new functionality and added value. 

Pegasus Opera 3 version 1.3 contains the following new functionality: 
  • Landed Costs - new functionality has been added across the Supply Chain Management applications to further improve the costing and accountability when purchasing stock, particularly from overseas suppliers. Landed Costs are the additional costs incurred in getting goods purchased from a supplier to a business premises;
  • Retrospective Debtor and Creditor Reporting - new Retrospective Debtors and Creditors reports have been introduced into the Sales and Purchase Ledgers. Now it is possible to look back at customer and supplier debt at a chosen date in the past, particularly useful at a period or year end;
  • A new task in the Scheduler - Repeat Invoices allows the routine to be run unattended at a specified date and time. This helps customers operate their business more efficiently as this important process can impact heavily on other users of the system if it’s run in normal business hours.
There are further improvements to the Stocktake application, Notification Services and general enhancements across Opera 3.
To learn more download the following documents: 

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